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7 habits of happy people!

As mentioned in our previous posts, happiness is like a muscle; we can learn to build habits to improve our happiness and well-being. Happiness is 50% determined by our genes, and our daily decision can account for 40% of our happiness. Hence, we can't change our genes, but we can change ourselves. We can train ourselves to become happy.

We talked about acts of kindness and gratitude. What other habits do happy people have?

1) Having Good Relationships

Having close relationships with friends and family can make us feel better.

2) Do Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can boost our happy hormones and improve our mental well-being.

3) Finding a hobby and "Flow"

Finding a hobby that we enjoy can make us feel great.

4) Spiritual engagement and meaning

Close links with spiritual and religious practices can make us happier. As religion often requires us to find a deeper kind of peace and happiness.

5) Building strength and virtues

Say thank you to yourself, and recognize your inner strength can make you more content with life.

6) Positive mindset: optimism, mindfulness, and gratitude

Grateful people have more incredible positive emotion and a greater sense of belonging

7) Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness can make us feel more loved and more connected with the world.

Remember, we all have the ability and power to take control of our happiness by choosing our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

We will further discuss the seven habits of healthy people in the upcoming posts.

Stay Happy~

Keaton & Kenson


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