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Religion affects happiness!

Habits of Happy People # 4: Spiritual engagement and meaning

Studies point that there is a link between religious and spiritual practice and happiness.

We believe there is a certain degree of correlation:

1) Most religions often require the believers to focus on kindness, generosity, gratitude, and forgiveness which in turn will lead to a deeper kind of peace and happiness.

2) Being religious means attending religious services and being part of a social network, meaning the person will be more involved in interpersonal connections, which also boosts happiness. These networks often provide strong social support from like-minded people.

3) Religion also gives people hope and a sense of purpose when facing difficulties. This makes them more optimistic and resillient.

4) Spirituality and pray also provide people with opportunities to meditate, which can calm their body and improve well-being.

This coincides with our belief that gratitude and kindness are key elements to boost our well being and happiness : )

Stay grateful and stay kind!


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