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Close relationships can warm our hearts!

Habits of Happy People # 1: Having good relationships with friends and family

According to studies done by the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Department, people who have one or more close friendships or relationships tend to be happier.

"People with "strong ties to friends and family and commitment to spending time with them" have the highest levels of wellbeing."

(Diener & Seligman, 2002).

Why do close relationships make us feel happier?

Having a close relationship means you are willing to reveal your personal issues or feelings. This self-disclosure positively affects areas of our brain, which stimulates positive emotions and may relieve negative emotions or depression.

Self-disclosure, or the ability to reveal own feelings and worries, is essential for relationship building. Studies show that people who had many friends and only engaged in talking about impersonal topics like sports and pop music still feel lonely and sad. Therefore, we need to be true to our friendship and share our feelings to make us feel loved and happy.

How can we build close relationships?

1) Listen carefully with care and empathy and without judgment

2) Trying to understand and see things from the other person's perspective

3) Respond with encouraging thoughts and genuine interest

These skills can help people feel more loved and understood and strengthen ties between people.

Happiness is not only gained from the friendship and love given to us. We will also feel better by providing social support to our friends.

Open your heart and start building great relationships!

Kenson & Keaton

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