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What is The Happihood?

The Happihood is a social media platform that promotes happiness.

Who are we?

We are two pre-teens (Keaton and Kenson) who want to promote happiness and well-being.

What do we plan to achieve?

Our goal is to spread happiness. Being happy does not only benefit your mental health, but also improve your physical well being. Research has proven that being happy is healthy and we can all choose to be happy by making little changes in our daily decisions.

The Happihood is officially launched on 1st January 2021. Over the past year, the pandemic has turned our lives upside down. People are staying home, stressed by their school, studies, social life, family and relationships. More and more people are getting lonely, helpless and sad. We can see the negative vibes and fear spreading in the world, and we really want to help stop it.

Happiness is a choice and is contagious. We hope to use The Happihood to share our research, view, and opinions by easy-to-read posts, hoping to spread happiness and positivity to everyone.

We can all make a difference, let's try to make the world a happier place!

Please support us by following and sharing @ TheHappihood on Facebook and @thehappihood on Instagram!

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08 ene 2021

Wonderful idea.

Me gusta
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