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The Happihood

Finding happiness in life!

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Religion affects happiness!

Habits of Happy People # 4: Spiritual engagement and meaning Studies point that there is a link between religious and spiritual practice...

Immerse in our hobbies!

Habits of Happy People # 3: FLOW..... The third habit of happy people is finding a hobby or work on something that you like and engage in...

Exercise can boost our mood!

Habits of Happy People # 2: Exercise regularly You must have heard that exercise regularly so that we can be healthy. But how does...

7 habits of happy people!

As mentioned in our previous posts, happiness is like a muscle; we can learn to build habits to improve our happiness and well-being....

Gratitude boosts happiness, how?

As discussed in our previous posts, acts of kindness can improve happiness. Do you know that gratitude can also boost our happiness? It's...

Being kind is simple!

In our last blog post, we discussed how kindness can boost our happiness by stimulating happiness neuro-chemicals. This time, we want to...

How can kindness boost our happiness?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, kindness is the quality of being generous, helpful, and caring about other people. We always think...

What drives happiness?

Do you know that 40% of our happiness comes from our daily decisions, 50% from genes, and 10% from the circumstances around us? Meaning,...

What is The Happihood?

The Happihood is a social media platform that promotes happiness. Who are we? We are two pre-teens (Keaton and Kenson) who want to...

The Happihood

The Happihood is.... mostly being grateful and kind, present and forward looking, generous and helpful, forgiving and reflective. We can...

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